Our Story

Service members enjoying Ranger Coffee
Welcome to the hypercaffeination nation!  Ranger Coffee is a small but growing company with big dreams to make a significant impact in the lives of veterans.  Veterans are a critical constituency and we believe that investing in them is integral to a stronger America and our long-term future.  Coffee is what we do, but veteran impact is why we do it.  Coffee is an $80B industry.  We’re on a crusade to capture 0.45% of the market and to add meaning to the otherwise meaningless purchasing decisions that coffee drinkers make daily.  To achieve our mission, we invest at least 50% of our distributed profits in the causes that promote and support veterans. With the help of consumers who share our interests and who believe in the power of positive change, our impact on the lives of veterans could be significant.

The Coffee
People ask us all the time:  “is the coffee good?”  No, it’s GREAT!  Ranger Coffee is some of the finest coffee in the world and we wouldn’t do what we’re doing unless it was.  Manufactured from specialty-grade Arabica beans imported from throughout the world, each bag of Ranger Coffee is carefully roasted and hand-packaged by a small batch roaster who is fanatical about quality.  If you like great coffee, you’ll love Ranger Coffee.  And if you’ve never had premium coffee, you’re in for a treat.All of our blends are unique and have been specifically-designed with you in mind.  Our flavors are bold, but not overpowering.  Our “Ranger” blend is our signature blend and our most popular varietal, but our “hypercaffeinated” blends (containing twice the amount of coffee as a regular cup) have brought national acclaim to the work we do.  In the summer of 2012 we’ll be rolling out five new blends and a decaffeinated varietal, and we have plans to develop additional product lines that are branded for consumer affiliation with other branches of the military.  We’ve also heard your call for t-shirts, mugs, hats, and other items of swag, so we’ll be building out a complete product base soon.

The Service
Our tagline is “serving those who serve,” and that’s exactly what we we’re committed to doing for you and the veterans whom we’re investing in. Ranger Coffee is a veteran-owned and operated company and we’re committed to only the finest service.  All coffee orders are filled within 48 hours of receipt and shipped via priority mail to ensure a timely delivery.  And through our “Coffee for the Troops” program, we’re providing our coffee to the troops serving overseas.  We’re service-oriented and we’re committed to serving you.

The Cause
Ranger Coffee has always given back to our community.  In January, 2012, however, we took the bold step of restructuring the economics of our business and investing 50% of our distributed profits in the causes which promote and support veterans.  Under this model, for every dividend or distribution that’s declared by the company and paid out to its owners, a corresponding dollar-for-dollar investment is made in non-profit organizations that are making the biggest impact in the lives of veterans.  Each of our non-profit partners have been carefully selected and extensively vetted, and we make our investments at least quarterly.  It’s a privilege and an honor to continue serving the great men and women who have worn the uniform of our nation, and we’re committed promoting and supporting them so that they can continue serving our nation out of uniform.  A virtuous cycle is what we’re building, and we’re the only company that we’re aware of that’s committed to the kind of impact that that we’re committed to.

In 2012, Ranger Coffee will continue to expand its services, markets, and offerings.  We will continue our “Coffee for the Troops” program, and in the not-too-distant future we will roll out a “Vets 4 Vets” program, which will broadly include Ranger Coffee partnership opportunities; a “Friends of Ranger Coffee” subscription program; and an “Unsung Hero” program.

Stay tuned, check back often, and thanks for supporting the troops!