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Ranger Coffee Announces “Just One Bag” Campaign for Team Red, White and Blue


Ranger Coffee is partnering with Team Red, White, and Blue (“Team RWB”) for its next “Just One Bag” campaign, December 1, 2012 through December 31, 2012.  The purchase of “just one bag” of coffee this holiday season will significantly impact the lives of veterans as Ranger Coffee is “investing” one hundred percent of its profits from the campaign in Team RWB.  Whether you’ve enjoyed Ranger Coffee before, or you’re considering a purchase for the first time, the opportunity to enjoy great coffee and make a positive impact for the benefit of veterans is upon you.  All of our premium coffee blends make a great holiday gifts, and we look forward to serving you.

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Four Guys Guns Reviews Ranger Coffee, 6/22/12

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“Whitey,” one of four of the talented group of shooting enthusiasts and product experts that comprise Four Guys Guns, wrote an exceptional review (complete with video!) of Ranger Coffee today.  If there was ever a doubt before, Four Guys Guns’ caffeine prowess can be questioned no longer.  Read the product review here, and watch the video here.  Keep an eye on the FGG team – they’re going places!

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Introducing “Just One Bag”



Just one bag. That’s all it takes to make a difference in the life of a veteran. What do you get in return? (1) great coffee; (2) great service; and (3) a stronger community in which to do what you do. See, Americans make meaningless purchasing decisions everyday. Yea, you have your preferences for this and that, and if you’re patronizing the right vendors, you’re generally getting something that you enjoy in exchange for the price that you’re paying for it.

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