Ranger Coffee partners with Man Crates for manly gifts

We’re pleased to announce that the lives of men everywhere are about to change:  Man Crates is now carrying the “Hyper-Caff Ammo Can” – everything that you’ve ever needed in order leap tall buildings in a single bound, HALO drop from the belly of a B-52 at mach 1, or survive the annual fishing trip with Phil and boys.  

Man Crates’ products – shipped in an actual crate, with a steel crowbar for those of you who are still too weak to use your teeth – provide the answer to the question that has plagued mankind since we began walking upright:  what do I buy for the awesome men in my life?  Look no further folks. Their gifts are awesome, and their service is even better.  In addition to Ranger Coffee products, Man Crates carries a broad variety of other quality products that men need and want, all assembled with care and delivered with expediency.  And to seal the deal?  All Man Crates are guaranteed with the “High-Five Guarantee.”

In summary, these are the kind of folks that we love working with, and the kind of projects that we enjoy getting behind.  Tell your friends.  Follow Man Crates on Facebook.  Let them know we sent you.  Welcome to a whole new world of awesome gifts for men.


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